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Replacement Windows

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Replacement Windows Photo Gallery

The Paradise Super Window™ will give you the highest possible thermal performance. Our windows significantly reduce energy loss and increase the home's heating and cooling efficiency. Each window is engineered for easy fingertip operation and timeless beauty.

Some of the windows we carry:

  • Bay and Bow Windows
  • Sliding Patio Doors
  • Double-hung Windows
  • Casement and Awning Windows
  • Garden Windows

Home remodeling projects can range from simple projects like adding noticeable accents on home furnishings, to big projects such as room extensions, room remodeling, and exterior home redesigns. The purpose of remodeling the interior or the exterior of your home can be for aesthetic purposes or to maximize and optimize your given space. However, did you know that windows have the capacity to be enhanced as well?

You are correct to think that the primary reason why windows are installed is to let light in and out of the house; but because of today’s technology and environment, windows now have versatile functions.

  • Creates an attractive look for your home
  • Keeps unwanted visitors like insects, critters, and thieves out of the house.
  • Regulates the air and temperature in your home
  • Protects you from outdoor climates

What Parts of a Window Can be Replaced?

Replacement windows can mean one of three things when it comes to windows remodeling, and we specialize in the following...

  • Replacing the whole window which includes the frame and the glass
  • By adding a thin strip of film on the glass or window pane

By replacing your windows, your home’s performance and overall look can change drastically. Here at Paradise Home Improvement, we have a variety of windows you can choose from that can both benefit your home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. For professional replacement window installations, don’t hesitate to call Paradise Home Improvement today at 844-261-5252 or you can also visit our contact page. We service the areas of Columbia and Greenville, South Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina, Grand Rapids, Michigan and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to keep the Paradise Super Window™ clean, and it’s virtually maintenance-free. Easily tilts in for easy cleaning. The exterior surfaces are coated with Glass Protector, a remarkable compound that shuns the dirt that most windows attract over time. When your Paradise Super Window™ does require a little cleaning, it's incredibly easy. All operating windows (casement, slider, awning and double hung) can be cleaned from the inside with warm water and a soft cloth to dry.

Security for your Family

Security for your Family

Windows feature an interlocking meeting rail between the sashes and the middle of the window which not only eliminates a tremendous amount of air infiltration, but also makes it significantly more burglar proof. Sashes lift only from the outside for added security and with the Dual Tech Lock System, the lock activates the tilt latch and is hidden from view. The night vent latch allows for ventilation with security The interlocking meeting rail provides additional security.

Envirosealed Windows

Envirosealed Windows

Envirosealed Windows™ are made with the most thermally-efficient spacer, saving you money on home heating and cooling costs. To ensure your home will be comfortable during the heat of summer and the cold of winter, upgrade your new windows and doors to our high performance glass package with Dura-Lite™.

Energy Reflective Glass

Energy Reflective Glass

ERG™ Energy Reflective Glass permits 64 percent of the sun’s natural light to enter your home while blocking 72 percent of its heat energy. That means you can expect a summer cooling cost savings of up to 25 percent and lower your heating cost by cutting heat loss by nearly 50 percent. The microscopically-thin, heat-reflective coating blocks solar energy in the summer and reduces the escape of heat in the winter — without altering the appearance of your window inside or out.

Virgin Viny

100% Virgin Vinyl

Windows come standard with 1/8" thick double strength window glass, twice as thick as the average 1/16" window commonly used. Our windows feature a product called Energy Reflective Glass which is a revolutionary Low E technology. This glass makes your windows tremendously more energy efficient by reflecting temperature back to its source. Our windows are made from 100% virgin vinyl, we never use recycled vinyl due to the "blue-ing" effect that is experienced with a low quality window that has recycled vinyl in it. Recycled vinyl turns blue when hit by ultraviolet light.

Eco Friendly

A Seal You Can Trust

Over time, consumers have interpreted the Good Housekeeping Seal as a “stamp of approval” or indication of a “good product,” but many do not realize that the Good Housekeeping Seal is an emblem of Good Housekeeping’s Consumers Policy. This policy has a limited warranty in the form of a refund, repair or replacement if the product carrying our Seal is found to be defective within two years of purchase. Before earning the Good Housekeeping Seal, scientists and engineers at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI) review the product to make sure that it delivers on all claims in its advertising, packaging and informational materials. If the product does not perform as promised or meet established standards for quality, it cannot earn the Seal.

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