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5 Things to Know Before Replacing Siding5 Things to Know Before Replacing Siding
Before you think about the many options you have for siding choices, you first need to determine when you need to actually replace your siding. Here are a few telltale signs will help alert you to when this has to be done.

How to Keep Your Home Energy EfficientHow to Keep Your Home Energy Efficient
With the rising cost of energy, it is no wonder that homeowners aim for energy efficient homes. To help make your home energy efficient, there are a few things you need to do.

Fixing Drafty WindowsFixing Drafty Windows
When you discover that you have a drafty window, you have a few options for fixing this. These include DIY solutions and options that require the help of professionals.

What to Know About Buying Vinyl Replacement WindowsWhat to Know About Buying Vinyl Replacement Windows
If you are thinking of replacing your existing windows with ones that are made of vinyl, it pays to know what to expect with these. Here are some things you should know about vinyl windows before buying them.

Prepare Your Home for Colder Months with Home MaintenancePrepare Your Home for Colder Months with Home Maintenance
To get ready for the cold fall and winter months, you need to prepare not just your clothing but also your home for it. Here is a checklist you can use to do this.

Why Choose Spray Foam InsulationWhy Choose Spray Foam Insulation
With all the insulation options at your fingertips, why is a spray foam insulation one of your better options? Find out what benefits you can get from this insulation choice and if it is the best one for your home.

Finding & Sealing Air LeaksFinding & Sealing Air Leaks
If your home is costing you a lot in energy bills, you might have air leaks that need finding and sealing. Here are some ways you can locate these energy-costing leaks in your home.

How Vinyl Siding Improves Your HomeHow Vinyl Siding Improves Your Home
Vinyl siding is the most popular siding option available to American homeowners. It’s more affordable than other siding materials, easy to take care of, and comes in many different colors and designs.

Different Types of Replacement WindowsDifferent Types of Replacement Windows
Choosing replacement windows over new and custom windows is a more efficient way to renovate your home. Not only are replacement windows cost-effective, but they’re also easy to install.

Extend the Life of your Air ConditionerExtend the Life of your Air Conditioner
Maximize the lifespan of your trusty and reliable air conditioner through these simple and easy to remember tips.

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