The Benefits of Cool Film Plus

There are many methods to improve your property’s energy efficiency. You can install insulation in your attic or walls, and even purchase products that consume less energy. However, if you find these too expensive or a hassle to do, there are simpler ways to achieve this result. One example is adding Cool Film Plus to your existing windows.

What’s Cool Film Plus?

The Benefits of Cool Film Plus

Cool Film Plus is an insulating material that’s applied on the glass panes of your windows. Once it’s on, it’ll help reduce your energy costs by keeping your indoor environment at a pleasant temperature – be it winter or summer. Although insulation is the highlight of this product, it offers other benefits, such as:

Easy Installation

Unlike typical insulation materials, you don’t have to open your walls or ceilings to add Cool Film Plus. The film is simply placed directly on top of the glass panes of your windows.

Hassle Free Maintenance

You don’t have to put too much attention to Cool Film Plus because it’s easy to maintain. Once it’s laid on your windows, Cool Film Plus will take 2 to 3 weeks to cure. It’s best not to wash the outside of your windows during this process.

As for its general cleaning, use ammonia-free window cleaners, so as not to damage the film’s adhesive. Refrain from using coarse towels, scouring pads, or bristle brushes as well. Instead, switch to using high-quality paper towels or a soft cloth.

Protection against Harmful UV Rays

Cool Film Plus provides you protection against harmful UV rays by blocking virtually all harmful light that passes through your windows. This means your furniture, carpet, and flooring won’t get damaged from strong light exposure. Cool Film Plus also gives individuals with light sensitive skin a safer living environment.

Improving your property’s energy efficiency is made simpler with Cool Film Plus. If you want to install this product on your windows, don’t hesitate to contact Paradise Home Improvement. Not only are we trained in installing the films properly and quickly, but we’re also its manufacturers. Our company aims to provide you with various home solutions that can improve your energy consumption and lifestyle. That’s why, apart from Cool Film Plus, we also offer the following services:

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