How eShield™ Can Help Increase Your Energy Savings

Extend the Life of your Air Conditioner

Seeing your electrical bills soar through the roof is every homeowner’s nightmare. You do everything possible to avoid creating this situation, but the best-laid plans to lower your energy costs don't always generate the best results.

Fortunately, there are several other ways you can increase your energy savings, and one of the easiest and most effective solutions is with eShield™ insulation.

Understanding How eShield™ Works

Understanding How eShield™ Works

While most insulating materials are designed to reduce the rate of heat transfer, eShield™ reflects radiant heat. This is because eShield™ is made from a multilayer of reflective foil that can reflect up to 97% of heat.

The foil is also much safer than your typical fiberglass or cellulose insulating materials. Because it comes in giant rolls or sheets, there’s no danger in inhaling loose particles that can harm your health.

eShield™ is made entirely from eco-friendly components, making it one of the greenest insulation options available.

So How Does eShield™ Help Lower My Energy Cost?

Extend the Life of your Air Conditioner

By preventing radiant heat from entering your home, you’ll have an easier time maintaining a pleasant indoor environment. You will no longer have to rely as heavily on your HVAC system.

eShield™ is also capable of reducing air loss. Once it’s installed, the thickness of its material can close air leaks that are located in your attic. Minimizing the number of leaks will also mean that your HVAC can consume less power while still being able to distribute air efficiently through your home.

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