How eShield Helps Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer and Other Benefits

How eShield Helps Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer and Other Benefits

Whenever summer approaches, the surrounding temperature noticeably gets hotter. To counter the uncomfortable hot weather, you need to find various ways to stay cool. Oftentimes, you find yourself turning on your air conditioners to full-blast just to keep cool indoors. Nevertheless, relying on your AC system too much during summer isn’t a wallet-friendly approach. Not only does this practice consume a lot of energy, but it also puts a strain on your air conditioning systems.

When you see that the cost of your summer electric bills is at an all-time high, you need to rethink your AC usage and learn to compromise. However, what if you’re able to keep your indoor environment cool without using a cooling system? It might seem impossible but with the eShield you can make that into a reality.

What Makes the eShield Special?

eShield is an insulating system that’s often installed in the attic. Unlike other insulating materials, however, the eShield is made with reflective technology that bounces heat away from your attic instead of absorbing it. The eShield is the perfect cooling protection you need during summer, as it can reflect up to 95% of radiant heat. This means that your indoor temperature will remain pleasant even during the scorching summer months.

Other Advantages of eShield

Although reflecting heat waves is the eShield’s primary purpose, it can help you create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere all summer long with the following benefits:  

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Lowers Energy Consumption

With the eShield protecting your property from intense heat, you don’t have to use your cooling appliances regularly. This means that your energy consumption is reduced, lowering your summer electric bills.

Keeps Your Indoor Environment Healthy and Safe

The eShield is friendly for the environment. It doesn’t feature any harmful material most traditional fiberglass insulations have. This makes the eShield healthier and safer than most insulating systems.

Improves Indoor Living and Comfort

The moment the eShield is installed on your property, you don’t have to worry about how to keep cool in your property. The eShield is made to reflect as much heat as possible so you can enjoy living in a pleasant and comfortable indoor environment during summer.

Think that the eShield is the solution to your summer heat gain problems? Then contact Paradise Home Improvement so we can install the system for you. Our fully licensed and certified technicians have the experience to equip the insulating material properly, ensuring zero mistakes and delays. When you’re ready, just give us a call at 844-261-5252 for a free estimate. Paradise Home Improvement also offers other insulating and air sealing solutions in Columbia and Greenville, South Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina, Grand Rapids, Michigan and Charlotte, North Carolina.