iceBOXAC™: What Is It and How It Can Help You

Even if your air conditioner is working fine, it doesn’t mean that it’s performing at its best. There are a number of seemingly minor problems it can encounter that can lower its efficiency.


The AC compressor oil, for example, can leave residue on the walls of the refrigerant tubing each time it recirculates. Over time, the debris builds up and creates a blockage in the system. Once the obstruction has filled a significant amount of space in the tubes, the unit will experience what’s called oil fouling.

Oil fouling occurs when residues of the compressor oil form a permanent barrier in the tubes. The blockage reduces the system’s heat exchange ability by 20% to 30%. All air conditioners – no matter what age or size – with compression oils will encounter oil fouling eventually. If oil fouling isn’t addressed quickly, your HVAC will experience the following issues:

  • Costly maintenance and repairs
  • Poor cold airflow
  • Shorter lifespan
  • Increased energy usage

Fortunately, you can prevent this problem when you introduce the iceBOXAC™ into your HVAC.

What Is the iceBOXAC™?


The iceBOXAC™ is a state-of-the-art refrigerant additive that’s designed to optimize your HVAC’s performance. This product can also extend the life of your units and keep them running smoothly for many years to come. Adding it to your system is also a breeze. It’s a one-time installation that takes less than 20 minutes to let your HVAC experience the iceBOXAC’s lifetime effects.

How Does It Work?

The iceBOXAC™ works by breaking the compressor oil’s surface tension, releasing the oil residues from the tubes as a result. By removing the oil build up, your HVAC’s efficiency is increased by 20%.

What Can It Do for You?

Aside from enhancing your system’s performance, the iceBOXAC™ can also improve your home’s comfort and your lifestyle. The moment oil fouling is dealt with, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Faster room cooling in less time
  • Reduced CO2 footprint
  • Decrease in your energy consumption and utility bills

Are you interested in adding the iceBOXAC™ in your air conditioner? If you are, just contact Paradise Home Improvement today. Our company is an authorized dealer and distributor of this product. We’re also qualified to properly add it to your HVAC system to ensure that its efficiency is improved.

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