Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation?

Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation

Insulating your home is a wise course of action, particularly if you are aiming to keep your home comfortable during the hot and cold months of the year. It is also a wise decision to make if you are aiming to keep your energy costs low. To ensure that your heating and cooling systems are not overworked, having your home insulated is something you need to do.

When you decide to insulate your home, you will be presented with a list of choices. These will include traditional options such as fiberglass bats and blankets, insulating concrete, rigid foam board insulation, and reflective insulation sheets. You will also be presented with more modern options, including spray foam.

Why Spray Foam Insulation is Your Best Option

Spray foam insulation is fast becoming the insulation of choice by many homeowners and for several good reasons. Here is a list of benefits you will receive when you opt for spray foam insulation at your home:

Effectively fills every crack and leak in your home

  • Spray foam repels pests – Some insulation types are used as food or attic nesting material for bugs and other pests. Spray foam, on the other hand, does not attract pests because it is made with a chemical they do not like and won't attempt to eat. This means you get pest control along with your spray foam insulation.
  • Effectively fills every crack and leak in your home – Spray foam insulation is an effective air leak sealant because it fills all the cracks and crevices where it is applied. It not only helps keep your home comfortably warm or cool, but it also helps keep drafty air out of your home.
  • It is easier to apply than other traditional options – While it takes a professional to apply spray foam insulation, the application process is easier and more effective than with traditional insulation materials. Spray foam insulation also is better than traditional insulation options because it gets into nooks and crannies and seals leaks where it is difficult for a person to get into to install old-fashioned insulation.

When it is time to have your home in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee & Michigan insulated with spray foam insulation, your next move is to contact Paradise Home Improvement. We have a variety of attic insulation options for you to choose from, but our most recommended one is our spray foam option. We also have services that help address indoor air quality issues and we can help optimize your home for energy efficiency with a home energy audit.

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