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November 14, 2018

Dear Ms. Dixon;

     My name is Nancy Romary and I'm a new Paradise Home Improvement customer.  Last week I received my new gutters and Gutter Guardian.  They look wonderful!  I haven't had gutters since 1997 and these were greatly needed.  As I already told Joel, it was so nice to step off my front porch and not feel like I was walking under a waterfall!

     The experience with your company has been impressive from the very beginning. Joel Charpentier explained the product very well and answered all my questions so that I fully understood exactly what he was talking about.  I'm known to ask a lot of questions and usually apologize at the onset of any presentation so the person will know what to expect. Joel took it in stride and was very patient with me even when he had to go over some things more than once (or twice!).  He also talked to me about the  impressive roof and guarantee you offer with it.

     Victor Hlaisi installed the gutters last Wednesday; however, the daylight was fading and it was necessary for him to come back the next day to install the Gutter Guardian and downspouts. He was here bright and early and went right to work. I was surprised that he did all the installation by himself. I expected it would take several guys.  Victor worked nonstop and was every courteous and professional the entire time he was here. You're lucky to have such a worker. He's an excellent representative for your company.

     I will be needing a new roof in the near future, and you can be assured I will be contacting Paradise Home Improvement at that time.

Best regards,
Nancy Romary 


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