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Bath Systems In South & North Carolina

Paradise Home Improvement provides exemplary bath systems installation and renovation services in Michigan, and South Carolina.

Having been in business for many years, we know for fact just how much our clients value having elegantly designed bathrooms in their homes. A beautiful and well-appointed bathroom serves as a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the outside world — a personal space in which one can relax, pamper oneself, and revitalize one’s mind and body.

If you’ve grown tired of your bathroom’s spartan amenities or its dreary design, Paradise Home Improvement can make the necessary enhancements so that you can finally have the bathroom of your dreams.

a new installed bath

Professional Bath Remodeling and Components Replacement

Our full spectrum of bath remodeling solutions breathe new life into tired-looking bathrooms. All of these products are chosen in close consultation with the homeowners, ensuring that all finished projects truly meet their practical needs and reflect their individual styles and personalities.

Our bath systems include:

  • Bathroom tiles
  • Bathtubs
  • Shower Systems
  • Wall surrounds
  • Cabinetry and vanities
  • Walk in whirlpool tubs
  • Safety tubs
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Faucets
  • Bathroom lighting fixtures
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Eco-friendly bath systems

A bathroom renovation is one of the best investments you can make for your home. And when you work with Paradise Home Improvement, you can rest at ease knowing that you can have your stunning bathroom at a reasonable price and in no time at all. From stylish tilework and elegant vanities to luxury whirlpools and modern walk-in showers, our bath systems will bring truly your bathing experience to the next level.

Please call us now at 844-261-5252 to learn more about our services. Our service area includes the cities of Charlotte and Greensboro in North Carolina, the cities of Columbia and Greenville in South Carolina.

a spa bath system

Paradise Home Improvement
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January 3, 2017

If future customers want a reference from supremely satisfied customer for bathroom renovation, I submit this letter as a testimonial. When we, the general public, need work done in our homes, we take a real leap of faith if we do not know the business beforehand. I signed a contract with Paradise Bath Planet based on a presentation by the salesman Mr. Jay Long and a phone conversation with Mr. Dan. Both encounters were positive, but I still could not have known how truly professional, courteous and competent the two workers who tackled my old bathroom would be.

The lead artisan, Mr. Ricky Campbell, immediately won my confidence as a true professional, one who knew exactly what he was doing and whose exceptional taste and attention to detail would guarantee a superb result.

His right-hand man, Mr. Joseph Owens, was also supremely qualified and the epitome of industriousness. These men worked together with absolute precision and mutual helpfulness. Both treated me with respect and kindness.

They encountered in my old bathroom galvanized pipes that had become seriously clogged with rust. In fact, there was also a leak, which unbeknownst to me at that time, was raising my water bill. I had recently become aware of a problem with water pressure and think now how fortuitous the timing of their coming to my home was. They discovered the leak and clogged pipes and helped me (who had no clue about a reasonable price) negotiate a better deal with the plumber I immediately called to solve that problem. They also noted the less than satisfactory quality of floor material I had chosen and brought samples of a better grade, knowing that I would be disappointed with the lack of durability of my sample from a local hardware store. That they cared to educate me and help me avoid such a mistake speaks volumes about the kind of customer service we want but frequently do not receive. This company and crewearn five glowing stars from me!

--Mary Allen Todd

Bath System Installs In One Day By Paradise Home Improvement

Installs in a Day

Most of our Bath Systems are installed in one day. Imagine having your bathroom completely transformed between your morning shower and bedtime routine! Our installation process lets you skip the mess and the stress of traditional bathroom remodeling.

Bath System Installs In One Day By Paradise Home Improvement

Made Just for You

Your liner will be custom designed to perfectly fit over your existing tub. Our expert technicians will come out to take precise measurements to ensure an exact match.

Bath System Installs In One Day By Paradise Home Improvement

No More Mold

Our products are installed using a certified “triple seal system”, providing a water-tight seal in your new bathroom. Water will not leak into the back areas, eliminating the opportunity for mold and mildew to grow.

Bath System Installs In One Day By Paradise Home Improvement

A Look that Lasts

It will not chip, dent, crack, peel, fade or stain. This means your acrylic bathtub liner will continue, year after year, to look brand new. No more embarrassing stains or uncomfortable irregularities in the bathtub.

Bath System Installs In One Day By Paradise Home Improvement

So easy to clean

Unlike our competitors, our Bath Systems are 100% Pure Acrylic. This means that the surfaces are completely non-pourous, making it impossible for dirt, mold, or mildew to grow. Acrylic will not stain so you will never waste time scrubbing - Just gently wipe the walls with a cloth and you are done.

Bath System Installs In One Day By Paradise Home Improvement

Best Heat Retention

Acrylic retains heat three times longer than any other bathtub material. You can now enjoy a warm bath longer, and comfortably rest your head on the side of your new bathtub liner without chilling your neck.

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