Bathroom Accessibility Products and Installation Service In South & North Carolina

Bathroom Accessibility aProducts and Installation Service in South Carolina & Michigan

Persons with disabilities (PWDs),

Bathroom Accessibility Products and Installation Service in South Carolina & Michigansenior citizens, and those with sensory or mobility issues typically have a harder time performing normal everyday activities. Often, they’ll need the assistance of mobility equipment, like wheelchairs, canes, and crutches, to navigate their surroundings. However, it’s a reality that not all buildings have facilities that cater to the needs of PWDs. For instance, most bathrooms still have to be customized so that they can accommodate wheelchairs. This makes getting in and out of the bathtub and taking simple showers difficult for a lot of people with disabilities.

If you want to make your home or facility more accessible for everyone, Paradise Home Improvement has just what you need.

Bathroom Accessibility Products We Offer

At Paradise Home Improvement, we think about the numerous ways we can help homeowners improve their property. If you need to upgrade your bathroom to support a family member who needs constant assistance, we can install the following bathroom accessibility products:

Walk-In Tubs

Bathroom Accessibility Products and Installation Service in South Carolina & Michigan

Walk-in tubs provide PWDs with a sense of independence when bathing. This type of tub allows them to get in and out of the tub safely and easily. Walk-in tubs come with low step-ins, grab bars, and anti-slip surfaces. They also have hydrotherapy features and massaging water jets to relieve pain and boost energy.

Step-Through Insert

If getting in and out of your current bathtub is a problem, Paradise Home Improvement can eliminate that difficulty with a step-through insert. A step-through insert lowers the tub’s threshold and secures the footing of the person stepping in or out of the tub. This reduces the occurrence of accidents and injuries. The step-through insert is also an affordable bathroom modification.

Barrier-Free Shower Base

A barrier-free shower base is a perfect bathroom modification for people with limited mobility that don’t require a wheelchair. The shower base is only a couple of inches from the floor, which makes it easier to get in and out the shower, and the barrier-free shower base is slip-resistant so there’s little chance of slipping while taking a shower.

Security Bath Poles and Support Rails

Bathroom Accessibility Products and Installation Service in South Carolina & Michigan

Installing security bathroom poles and support rails will make it easier for PWDs and elderly to move around the bathroom. The rails can help them sit down and stand up at the toilet, while the poles give them additional support whenever they need to stand or get in/out of the shower.

Adhere to Safety Regulations with Paradise Home Improvement

Contact Paradise Home Improvement if you want to equip your property with any of these bathroom accessibility products. It’s inadvisable to install these products on your own because your installation methods might not be up to current safety regulations. Paradise Home Improvement wants your senior citizen or handicapped family members to feel safe in the bathroom. Let Paradise Home Improvement handle the installations to ensure that the systems will work the way they are intended to. Give us a call at 844-261-5252 . We service properties in South Carolina and Michigan.

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