Care & Cleaning: Bath Systems by Paradise In South & North Carolina

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Bath System Maintenance

Our Bath Systems are very easy to clean with virtually no maintenance. This guide will give you some basic instructions on how to clean your investment.


You will be able to clean your system most of the time with just warm water and a soft cloth. If necessary, we recommend you remove soap or other residue from your tub-shower unit and/or caulking using an approved cleaner.

Approved Cleaners

  • Most bathroom cleaners, including those with bleach, ammonia, or vinegar should be safe to use to clean your bath or shower system.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and chemical drain cleaners. Rinse any cleaning product off the tub and wall surfaces promptly and thoroughly.
  • DO NOT LEAVE ANY CLEANER ON FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME. Prolonged soaking and/or harsh scrubbing will not be necessary.
  • Do not use aerosol sprays around the acrylic surface or it can result in permanent damage.
  • Tobacco smoke should not come within close proximity of your system to avoid discoloration.

Silicone Caulking Cleaners

Use a mixture of either 50/50 water and bleach or 50/50 water and white vinegar to kill any germs or bacteria.

Bath System Maintenance & Care

PDF Download Bath Systems by Paradise Care & Maintenance Guide