Finding & Sealing Air Leaks

Sealing Air Leaks

If you find your energy bills unusually high, your home might have air leaks in it. These leaks account for around 30% of your heating and cooling energy being wasted, which can mean a lot of money in the long run. To help you save money and to ensure that your home is comfortable to be in, you will need to find and seal off these air leaks.

How to Find These Air Leaks

Finding the air leaks in your home can be a taxing job, not to mention a very tricky one as well. You can liken it to trying to find holes in an inflatable toy, with your sense of observation playing a big role in finding where these are. When you are trying to find areas where your home is leaking air, there are a few methods you can use:

Finding Air Leaks

  • Candle test – This is something you do with your AC and heating system turned off. By carrying a candle around your house, you can see where the leaks are. Hold your candle close to the areas you suspect have air leaks in them, such as electrical outlets, baseboards, and light fixtures. If the flame dances, you have a leak in that area.
  • Hand test – This is how you can tell if your windows, doors, and other areas in your home have air leaks. You have to perform this test on a cold day and with your heater turned on. When conditions are right, use your hand to detect cold air in areas where these leaks can be found. Run your hand along the edges of windows, doors, and even near electrical outlets to try and detect if cold air is seeping in from these places.
  • Hire a contractor to find these leaks for you – A professional can help you find these air leaks with very little effort on your part. Not only will professionals find these leaks for you, but they will also have recommendations and the tools needed to stop these leaks.

While you can try to find and seal these air leaks on your own, trusting a professional to do this for you is actually the best option. They can find all the air leaks in your home and provide the solution you need.

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