Importance of eShield Class A Fire Rating

Why the eShield™ Class A Fire Rating Is Important

Nowadays, people are seeking for the assurance that a Class "A" fire-rated product can provide, such as eShield™.

Air Sealing and InsulationeShield™ is fire-resistant and has a Class A fire rating, meaning that it is less combustible than the structure to which it is attached. But, of course, fire-resistant does not mean fireproof. This means that if you covered your roof with eShield™, it would repel fire as long as it possibly can so that it wouldn't come through underneath, and spread throughout your home.

Being fire-resistant, getting a Class A fire rating means that it has a lower flame spread, and has an overall better performance rating than a Class C material would get. Installing eShield™ also works with the existing in-house insulation, so you don't need to get the entire house's insulation replaced. When you install just one layer of the eShield™, you can get more savings and a much more energy-efficient home, because it adds 5 more inches of fiberglass insulation and can be installed in every area of your home, including attics, walls, roofs, basements, crawl spaces and many more.

One of the best things about eShield™ is that it also doesn't need wires to hold it in place, and it contains no allergens and doesn't give off gas like other insulation products.

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