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Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling insulation plays a crucial role in keeping a home or office comfortable. The attic ceiling often spans the entirety of a home, and the temperature in the attic can affect every room in the house. Properly insulating your attic can result in a significant reduction in energy consumption, which will lower your energy bill drastically. Paradise Home Improvement offers top-notch ceiling insulation installation services in DurhamGreerHickory, and other areas in East Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

It's essential to understand the three forms of heat transfer to appreciate the importance of ceiling insulation. The three types of heat transfer include conduction, convection, and radiation. The traditional materials used in insulation, such as fiberglass and spray foam, are effective against conduction and convection but are ineffective against radiation.

Paradise Home Improvement offers eShield, a new, multilayer, foil insulation material that deflects 95% to 97% of radiant heat. It also protects against moisture. Combined with traditional insulation materials, using eShield offers the most comprehensive protection against heat for your ceiling.

Insulation & Air Sealing Services in North Carolina

We get it. Home renovation can be a tough undertaking for homeowners. At Paradise Home Improvement, we always do our best to make our clients’ lives easier. We offer our assistance from the planning stage to the actual home renovation. Our hundreds of thousands of customers attest to the consistently high-quality service that we provide. We are one of the leading home renovation contractors in America, and we provide top-notch insulation and air sealing services. These include:

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Paradise Home Improvement offers unparalleled home renovation services in Chapel HillSpartanburgHuntersville, and other places in East Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. We offer gutter protection installationbath system upgrades, and siding installation services. Call 844-261-5252 to request a quote or to learn more about any of our services. Alternatively, you may send us a message through our Contact Us page. 

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Sue D.

My husband and I are over the moon and let me tell you, he is impossible to please lol. Our windows are both energy efficient as well as BEAUTIFUL. Great value and excellent service. I don’t usually think to write reviews but these guys went above and beyond!!!