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Indoor Air Quality

With so many years of experience under our belts, Paradise Home Improvement has continued to be the premier brand when it comes to American home improvement. Our track record has made hundreds of thousands of homeowners recognize our proficiency when it comes to giving them a positive home improvement experience. We stand behind the quality of the work and the service that we provide and we offer this same promise to you as well.

We provide insulation and air sealing solutions that can improve and maximize your home’s indoor air quality. We understand that pollutants and other external particles can contaminate your home, causing possible health risks to you and your family. Our trained technicians have extensive experience when it comes to the assessment and implementation of the best air sealing and insulation techniques that can improve and preserve the air quality inside your home.

Air Quality Index

Indoor air quality is quantified using a measurement system called the Air Quality Index (AQI), which determines whether your home’s indoor air quality is at a satisfactory level or not. It uses a scale of six color coded levels.

  • Green (0 to 500) – At this level, air quality is considered satisfactory and there are very little health risks involved related to pollutants and other external factors.
  • Yellow (51 to 100) – The air quality is acceptable with minimal risk to people’s health. It may still pose some problems with those who are unusually sensitive to air pollution.
  • Orange (101 to 150) – Majority of people may still not be affected by this level of air quality, but those who are sensitive to pollutants or are allergic to them will likely feel discomfort.
  • Red (151 to 200) – This can affect everyone to some degree as the effects of air pollutants can lead to sneezing, coughing and irritation of the eyes. More sensitive people will experience major discomfort and can pose a major risk to their health.
  • Purple (201 to 300) – Air quality at this level is now considered unhealthy and can have adverse effects on people’s health.
  • Maroon (301 to 500) – This level poses serious health risks to everyone in the affected area and is actually considered hazardous.

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