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Our Closed Cell Spray Foam is cutting edge technology in attic insulation.

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Insulation has done wonders to homes across the United States. Property owners, who have experienced, or are experiencing, the benefits of this system, are delighted to know that they are able to save their money by consuming less electricity. Because of this, a lot of people are beginning to join in and have decided to have their buildings insulated. However, with the various kinds of insulating materials and methods available today, picking out the perfect one can pose as a problem.

Paradise Spray Foam AlternativeThough the most standard choice of insulation is spray foam, we, at Paradise Home Improvement, would like you to stop for a moment and think about what you are getting in to. Spray foam, albeit, has a high R-value, but this still does not mean that it is the right choice for you.

The Hazards of Common Spray Foam

There are a lot of red flags that are raised when it comes to spray foam, and each concern can target either your overall health or the energy saving qualities of your properties.

Paradise Spray Foam AlternativeMost spray foams are made with a chemical called diphenyl diisocyanate. This substance is known to be the initial cause of asthma, allergies, and lung ailments, and creates an uncomfortable living environment for those who are sensitive to these kinds of particles and the like.

Since spray foam does possess a higher R-value, it can be easily mishandled by the unprofessional eye. It is quite common to hear property owners not getting the best out of their spray foam insulations because, unknown to them, they have been installed wrong. Spray foam is usually installed 2”to 3” inches into the space – which is still not enough to plug in air leaks and other tiny spaces. Also, in due time, the spray foam material is known to get weak and fall off, ultimately affecting the air you breathe.

Spray Foam Alternatives as the Best Choice

Do not compromise your health and your properties, and let us, at Paradise Home, deliver better insulation alternatives to your doorstep. We promise that we will only give you the best selection of insulating material that will fit your lifestyle. From budget friendly to eco-friendly materials, we will make sure that once the insulation systems have been installed, they will perform better than the conventional spray foam, and improve your indoor living experience.

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