Care & Cleaning: Cool Film Plus In South & North Carolina

Different Types of WindowsLuckily, decorative Cool Film Plus and window tint on your home or car windows are virtually maintenance-free. Decorative Cool Film Plus looks great on almost any home window, and window tint can help save energy costs and reduce heat in your home or car and maintaining your Cool Film Plus is simple with these basic steps.

Curing Time 

Your Cool Film Plus will take approximately two to three weeks to cure completely. Do not wash the outside of your windows until this time has passed.

General Cleaning

When you clean the outside of your windows after the installation, be sure to use an ammonia-free cleaner. Cleaners with ammonia can damage the adhesive over time. A simple solution of dish soap and water will do the job well. Do not use coarse paper towels, bristle brushes, or scouring pads. A soft cloth or high-quality paper towel is recommended.

Other Tips

Be sure to use caution when using any sharp instruments around the Cool Film Plus. If you have anyone working on your home that may come in contact with the outside of the windows, be sure to advise them to use caution as well. While the film is scratch-resistant, very sharp objects could cause irreparable damage.

PDF Download Paradise Window Film Care & Maintenance Guide

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