Cool Film Plus In South & North Carolina

A maintenance free solution that will keep your home comfortable all year long.

Technology that is second to none.

Adding our insulating Cool Film Plus to your existing or new windows will help to dramatically reduce your heating bills in the winter and lower cooling costs in the summer. Cool Film Plus offers a year round benefit and the ability to reflect the sun's heat in the summer and retain heat in the winter months.

Your utility bills will be lowered and your heating and cooling units will not have to work as hard, extending their lifespan.

Another advantage to installing Cool Film Plus is that it will block virtually all harmful UV rays. Your window treatments, furniture, art, carpet, fabrics, and floors will fade less and last longer.

Whether your home was built years ago or just completed, now is the perfect time for you to enjoy the benefits of Cool Film Plus.

Transform your Existing Windows

Dramatically increase the energy efficiency of your existing single or double pane windows with our Cool Film Plus. It makes almost any window look great, prevents against broken glass, and prevents 99% of UV rays from entering your home.

Prevents UV Damage

UV Rays can be destructive to your drapes, furniture, carpet, and walls. Our Cool Film Plus will block 99% of ultraviolet radiation, reducing fading of valuables, fabrics, and furnishings.

Scratch Resistant

Our Cool Film Plus is very durable and also resistant to scratches. It is specially design designed to be easy to clean. Your Cool Film Plus will not contain unsightly and unprofessional bubbles and will look great for many years.

Less Glare

Experience a dramatic 60% reduction in glare with our Cool Film Plus. This will help eliminate eye strain and make every seat in your home a comfortable one. Let more natural light into your home and avoid always using curtains without compromising comfort.

Improved Aesthetics

Give your windows a warm, neutral tint that looks amazing. Transform your existing windows and not only improve their efficiency but make them look great. Our Cool Film Plus works on almost any style window.

Big Energy Savings

Adding insulating Cool Film Plus to your windows may help to dramatically reduce your energy costs. Insulating films offer a year round benefit with the ability to reflect up to 70% of the sun’s heat in the summer and retain almost 64% of the heat in the winter months.