Different Types of Windows Available In South & North Carolina

At Paradise Home Improvement we have a variety of different professional window replacement options including the following available replacements or additions.

  • Awning
  • Casement
  • Double Hung
  • Picture
  • Bay
  • French doors
  • Hopper
  • Sliding
  • Accent or Picture
  • Sliding patio doors
  • Skylights

These windows also come in different materials which include: wood, clad-wood, aluminum, and vinyl.

Types of Window Glass

Different Types of WindowsA window cannot be complete without its glass. The glass on your windows is the reason why you and your home are protected 24-hours a day. It is one of the many barriers of your home that keeps harmful things out, while keeping the good inside. Today, the glasses on your windows can be more than just the first line of defense for the harsh climates outside.

Low-E Glass – Also known as low-emissive glass, this type helps keep your home warm during cold days and cool during the hot seasons. With its film that is applied on the glass’ surface or suspended between the panes, it helps reduce your electric consumption, thus, reducing your electric cost.

Tinted Glass – This type of glass, which is usually bronze or gray in cast, limits the amount of sunlight and heat entering your home. The people who benefit from tinted glass the most are those who have sensitive skin and those who are known to have skin diseases that are associated with too much exposure from sunlight.

Safety Glass – Durable and shatterproof, safety glass is a good choice for homes with children. With this type, people who accidentally walk or run through it would not get injured from stray shards of glass. Instead, the glass will either stop them from their tracks or create cracks on the pane or crumble completely.

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