Home Improvement Services in Lansing, MI by Paradise Home Improvement

Lansing is the state capital of Michigan. It is located in Ingham County but some portions are in the counties of Eaton and Clinton. It has a population of 114,297 as of the 2010 census. Houses are affordable in Lansing, MI with median values of $79,600. This is low compared to the state median values of $120,200 and the US median values of $175,700. However, house values are growing faster in Lansing compared to the rest of Michigan. More than 50% of all homes in Lansing were built in the 1960s or earlier. This presents an excellent opportunity for home improvement. Since homes are affordable in Lansing, you’ll have more funds available for home renovation. Paradise Home Improvement Inc is the name to trust when it comes to home improvement services. 

At Paradise Home Improvement, we know that home improvement could be daunting for most homeowners, and that is why we can help you with every step of the way. From the initial design and costing to the actual renovation, we will work with you closely. We have helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners make their dream home come true, and this made us one of the leading home improvement companies in America. 

Paradise Home Improvement Offers Gutter Protection Installation in Lansing, MI

You can’t go wrong in choosing Paradise Home Improvement to help you with your home renovation project. We have the experience to deliver only the highest quality results. Here are some of the services that we offer in Lansing, MI.

Replacement Windows - Windows don’t just provide a nice view of the outside. They also let light in. However, you don’t want all the spectrum to enter your home. UV rays are harmful to the skin and cause fading to upholstery. Infrared light is hot and can affect your energy use. Our modern windows can let visible light in while filtering out UV light and infrared light. 

Bath Systems - Some people consider their bathrooms their own fortress of solitude where they spend some time in quiet contemplation. However, you can’t trust amateurs in renovating bathrooms. With all the fragile materials and connections to the plumbing system, you’re going to need professionals. We can help you build your own relaxing bathroom. 

Gutter Protection - Gutters direct water to your drainage system so they don’t do damage to your walls and other parts of the house. Without gutter protection, you have to clean your gutter several times a year to remove debris that can block the flow of water. We install gutter protection to prevent debris to accumulate. 

Insulation and Air Sealing Services in Lansing, MI by Paradise Home Improvement

We at Paradise Home Improvement make it our goal to help you have a beautiful home that is also energy efficient. We offer insulation and air sealing services in Lansing, MI. This helps keep the dust out and make your home highly energy efficient. For more information about our insulation and sealing services please call 844-261-5252. Alternatively, you can send us a message through our Contact Us page. 

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