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Your home is more than just a living space; it is a barrier that protects you from outside forces and, for some homeowners, an investment that could house more generations to come. Paradise Super Siding Logo The home however, must have a mutual relationship between itself and its homeowners in order for both parties to benefit from one another.

A good homeowner begets a good home and vice versa. To bring out the best of your home, you do your best to keep it protected from the harsh environment and yet at the same time, make it look pleasing to anyone who passes by. For some home installations, you would not be able to get the best of both worlds. Here at Paradise Home Improvements, we know just the thing you need to give your home the best care it has always needed – and it is called siding.

With siding, your home’s defenses would not only be doubled, but it will also look as if it just came out of a home remodeling project.

What is Siding?

Siding before and after replaceThe siding consists of the exterior materials that are applied to the walls of houses and buildings. There are two major functions of siding: protect the wall around your house and provide a certain aesthetic when it comes to home design.

During horrible weather, siding is your primary wall’s first line of defense, keeping your initial walls intact. For buildings that hold or shed water, siding prevents leaks from springing on the wall; and during the winter and summer seasons, siding acts as an additional insulation device for your home.

As for the aesthetic appeal, siding has numerous types of materials you can choose from. Here are some of the popular choices of siding material:

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Siding Options

Horizontal Lap Siding

home with sidingIf you want to give your home the colonial or traditional-style look, then this design is what you need. It can be made from wood, aluminum, vinyl or fiber cement and comes in various colors. This style, however, suits best for homes that are boxy and symmetrical in composition.

Board and Batten

This design’s material is similar to the horizontal lap sidings, but instead of it being horizontal, it presents a vertical line pattern.

For professional siding installations, don’t hesitate to call Paradise Home Improvement TODAY at: 844-261-5252 ! We service the areas of Charlotte and Greensboro, North Carolina; Columbia and Greenville, South Carolina, Grand Rapids, Mighigan.

Enjoy the hand-milled, cedar grain beauty that will last for a lifetime with our Paradise Super Siding™

Much More Than Vinyl Siding

There is a wide range of quality when it comes to vinyl siding - and most of it is cheap and unattractive. That's why discerning home owners step up to Paradise Super Siding. Our unique siding looks like siding is intended to freshly painted wood.

When our crews leave your home, we want you step back and admire the authentic, straight-face design with hand-milled cedar grain beauty. The best part is, it will keep that look every day from then on for the lifetime of your home.

Beauty isn't the only thing you get with an investment in Paradise Super Siding. Our product reduces noise and insulates your home. It is also virtually self-cleaning and an occasional rain will keep it looking like new.

Insulated with NeoPor

Insulated with NeoPor®

Our Paradise Super Siding is insulated with Neopor® from BASF. This polystyrene foam contains particles of graphite and is the most effective insulation on the market for your new siding. Neopor® is so effective, it will add up to 19% higher R-Value to your walls. It also absorbs and reflects radiant change.

Hand-milled Cedar Grain Look

Hand-milled Cedar Grain Look

You have never seen siding that looks as authentic and beautiful as Paradise Super Siding. Our siding is manufactured with a perfectly straight, deeply shadowed shape and an authentic hand-milled cedar finish. We offer over 10 different color options.

Virtually Self Cleaning

Virtually Self Cleaning

Paradise Super Siding is designed to resist dust, dirt, and pollen build up. However, like anything exposed to the atmosphere, it will occasionally get dirty. Most dirt will simply wash away with the rain. If necessary, you can use a simple garden hose to remove any remaining dirt. For stubborn stains, please visit our Product Maintenance section for more details

Enjoy Peace and Quiet

Enjoy Peace and Quiet

Our Paradise Super Siding will not only make your home look beautiful and improve energy efficiency. It will also dramatically reduce noises, blocking up to 45% of all noises. Experience serenity and enjoy your home even more by blocking out the unwanted sounds of the busy outside world.

Maintenance Freedom

Maintenance Freedom

After you install Paradise Super Siding, you will experience true maintenance freedom. No more painting. No more scraping. Your home will keep that freshly painted look for years and years to come without any work from you. It is also wind resistant up to 160 mph. Save time, money, and frustration with a one-time investment.

Sustainable Product

Sustainable Product

Our manufacturing methods and product development strategies are designed to continually reduce our ecological footprint. We do this in many ways, including water and energy conservation, reduction of emissions, especially CO2, preference for the use of renewable resources, and the reuse and recycle of our product and manufacturing residuals.

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