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Neopor is insulation, but not just any insulation. For a completely comfortable home, it's important to choose the best type of insulation possible, for the best performance. This is where NEOPOR Rigid Thermal Insulation comes in. With this,Paradise Super Siding logo we can slow down the movement of heat energy, and it's so advanced, it can maintain its excellent performance year after year--through summers and winters for years to come.

This is made possible through the unique and patented material. The silvery-gray color means high-purity graphite is contained deep within the polymer matrix. The graphite particles reflect, as well as absorb radiant energy at a speedy rate, increasing the materials insulation capacity, or as it's better known, the R-value.

neopor, the powerhouse of insulationThis is good news for you, as it means that when you need Rigid Foam Boards for continuous, effective exterior insulation, this is where NEOPOR becomes a wise choice, for powerful insulation. Another one of NEOPOR's strengths is its ability to get stronger when it's cold outside. NEOPOR's Rigid Thermal Insulation actually increases when the temperature begins a steady drop. This means that when it matters the most, you'll be sure to get the most power out of your insulation.

We know that your home is more than just a living space: your home is the barrier that protects you from natural disasters and other outside forces. There are also homeowners that look at their home as an investment that could house multiple generations, and so it should be built and prepared to last. The best homeowner takes the utmost care of his home, and vice-versa. To enable to bring out your home's full potential in protecting you and your family, it should also be given armor to protect itself from the harsh environment and yet still retain its aesthetically pleasing qualities. Unfortunately, for some home installations, you cannot get the best of both worlds. 

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This is why it's important to choose Paradise Home Improvements, where we do things the best way we know how: with high quality materials and with our professionally trained specialists, we can have your home insulated with the most powerful armor: NEOPOR, and still keep your home's beauty for all to see. If you live in North Carolina, South Carolina Michigan or in the surrounding areas, then it's high time you do yourself and your home a favor and call today! With proper siding, your home's defenses will surely be complete, and the best part is that, when we're done, your home will look good as new, if not better. We also offer gutter protectionreplacement windowssolar panel systems and eShield, among others.

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